Product Overview: Gland Packing - Flexitallic

Darren Butterworth28 June, 2017


Product Overview: Gland Packing - Flexitallic

Flexitallic Product Range

The following asbestos-free product ranges are available from Flexitallic Ltd and its associated distributors and licensees.


Semi Metallic Gaskets-Spiral wound, kammprofile, metal reinforced graphite, metal jacket etc.
Metal Gaskets-Ring joints, welded joints, lens rings.
Cork/Rubber Sheet Sealing Materials-Flexitallic SRC range.
Proofed Sheeting, Tapes and Rings-GST, GTP, GRG and SST ranges.
Beater Addition Sheet Sealing Materials-OJ & PR ranges.
Sheet Gasket Materials-SF/AF non-asbestos, SIGMA, Flexicarb, Thermiculite.
Thread Sealing Compounds
PTFE Spray
Solid PTFE Products
Duraglas-Decorative hygienic cladding.
Duratile-Decorative hygienic ceiling tile.


All products are produced entirely asbestos-free and to the
highest standards consistent with their role in helping to protect
the enviroment.

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