Product Overview: Die Formed Gland Packing

Darren Butterworth28 June, 2017


Product Overview: Die Formed Gland Packing

Die Pressed Rings

Why Use Die Pressed Rings?
Die pressed rings offer many advantages over other forms of stem and spindle seal. Beldam Crossley Die Pressed Rings are manufactured to the exact dimensions required for the application, reducing equipment downtime and resulting in a consistent & effective seal.

Beldam Crossley Die Pressed Rings 
Beldam Crossley Die Pressed rings are manufactured from an extensive range of Pilot packing to suit most applications. In order to ensure that Beldam Crossley continues to deliver excellent products, quality and service, we have invested in the development of a new software suite and manufacturing system and are able to supply Die Pressed Rings with reduced lead-time and cost.*

Tool Availability 
Beldam Crossley have available a vast stock of tooling which covers many standard and non-standard applications.

Tooling Charges 
In the event that Beldam Crossley do not have the correct tool available in stock, we are able to manufacture tooling in-house with no additional cost to the customer.**

Packing Availability 
In order to ensure lead-times are kept to a minimum, Beldam Crossley have available a wide range of packing ex. Stock. These packing styles are outlined in the table below.

Packing Sizes 
Pilot packing is available in square section in the following sizes are 3.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.5mm, 8.0mm, 9.5mm, 11mm, 12.5mm, 14.5mm, 16.0mm and 19.0mm.***

Tool Sizes 
Standard tooling is available for Die Pressed Rings with an outside diameter ranging from 15mm to 230mm.

Packing StyleDie PressedCut & FormedApplications
3400Food, Fine Chemical & Pharmaceutical
3408Chemical & Oxygen
3410Oils, Solvents and most Chemical
3435Oils, Solvents and most Chemical
3480Oils, Solvents and most Chemical
4000Power Generation & Petrochemical
4001Power Generation & Petrochemical
5020Paper, Pulp and Abrasives
5035Paper, Pulp and Abrasives
5060Food, Petrochemical & Paper
8022General Purpose

Technical Support
In addition to the standard range available, Beldam Crossley are able to provide technical support and advice on die pressed ring selection.
Beldam Crossley are also able to manufacture non-standard products to meet specific customer Requirements.

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